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My parents did IVF and now all they can afford is this lousy t-shirt!
(Infant/Toddler t-shirt) $10.99


From Egg to Baby
(IVF Baby)
Infant Creeper


IVF Circles (pink)
Baby Journal


IVF bumper sticker


these designs are available on a range of products - see the store for details


Welcome to the IVF Babies FREEBIES section

Everything in this section is FREE. It's either free to use or free to download (no strings attached, although credit and a link back to our site would be nice :) )


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Free blinkies (ttc, infertility, pregnancy, baby related)

Some people love them, and others hate them. If you are in the first category, then here are some IVF related blinkies for you to use. Some are our very own creations (mostly non-blinking blinkies, made using Drag N Drop Blinky) and the rest of from linkware/freeware sites. If you have created an IVF related blinkie then let us know and we will include it with a credit link.

If you do use a blinkie (or two) then please try to respect the feelings of others and only show them in appropriate forums (ie turn off a pregnancy blinkie if you are posting in a TTC forum).

You can download and use any of these blinkies. Please don't link directly to our site as it sucks up bandwidth.

To download a blinkie - right click on it and choose "Save as". Then upload it to your web host or a free photo storage site (see our links page for some free sites) and link to that image.


made by ivfbabies


Free blinkies from:

My Little Bean




Blackhearted Wolf








Free iron-on transfers -

Our designs are for personal use only and must not be reproduced to sell commercially.

What do you get?:

* Reverse design - print the design onto an iron-on transfer and put it on your own t-shirts or clothing. This works best on white clothing.

* Original design - print onto paper, stickers etc.

* Printing instructions


Click on the image for downloads

What you will need:

* A plain white kids t-shirt
* Iron on transfer inkjet paper


  1. Open a new Word file Insert -> Picture -> From File -> ivfmiraclebaby-flip
  2. Resize image to fit on paper - the image is a PNG file and is lossless which means that you can make the image smaller without losing any of the detail
  3. Print - the image is in reverse so that when you iron it on the shirt it will be facing the correct way
  4. Cut out the design leaving a border of about 5cm/2 inches
  5. Follow the iron-on instructions

While we take all care with these instructions - you use this transfer at your own risk.
We suggest that if you haven't used iron on transfers before that you use a cheap or old shirt as a trial!


See our sister site My Pretty Little One for some more free transfers

Free ivfbabies web graphics

in development - keep an eye on this space and read the blog for updates about more FREE stuff from


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