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A shop giving away free stuff? Yep, that's right.

Every month we will be giving away a free design for you to download. The designs are for personal use only.

What do you get?:

  • Reverse design - print the design onto an iron-on transfer and put it on your own t-shirts or clothing. This works best on white clothing.

  • Original design - print onto paper, stickers etc.

  • Printing instructions

red superhero PNG file

red superhero reverse PNG file

blue flower PNG file

Red Superhero or blue flower Iron-On Transfer

What you will need:

  • A plain white kids t-shirt

  • Iron on transfer inkjet paper


1. Open a new Word file Insert -> Picture -> From File -> Red-superhero-reverse

2. Resize image to fit on paper - the image is a PNG file and is lossless which means that you can make the image smaller without losing any of the detail

3. Print - the image is in reverse so that when you iron it on the shirt it will be facing the correct way

4. Cut out the design leaving a border of about 5cm/2 inches.

5. Follow the iron-on instructions

While we take all care with these instructions - you use this transfer at your own risk.
We suggest that if you haven't used iron on transfers before that you use a cheap or old shirt as a trial!


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