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This website is dedicated to babies who were conceived via assisted reproductive technologies - mainly IVF and ICSI but also other technologies such as GIFT & IUI. It's a celebration of the miracle of their conception and birth as well as an acknowledgment of the often long, hard road that their parents took to get there.

It's been 25 years since the first IVF baby was born. Since that time the success rates have improved dramatically and IVF and other ART related procedures such as ICSI have become more accessible. IVF births now comprise around 1% of annual live births in the US and up to 2% of annual live births in Australia. While this is not an overly large number, it does mean that many people now know or know of an IVF baby in their social circle or family.

What's on the site?

This website offers a variety of information about pregnancy and babies, both general information and information specifically related to IVF pregnancies and babies. This information is sourced from reputable sites across the net.

  • We also offer a growing list of links to resources relating to IVF (research, protocols, directories etc), pregnancy and parenting.
  • We provide articles about parenting and pregnancy.
  • Our blog/news service provides links to news and developments in IVF research and other articles of interest.
  • Our resident writers contribute opinion pieces exploring issues relevant to IVF parents.
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What is IVF?

8 cell stage embryo



IVF is short for in vitro fertilization - which literally means "fertilisation in glass" (IVF babies are sometimes referred to as "test tube babies", even though fertilisation doesn't take place in a test tube). IVF refers to a technique of assisted reproduction where the egg and sperm are fertilized outside of the body to form an embryo. This embryo is then transferred to the uterus to hopefully implant and become a pregnancy.

The technique was developed in the United Kingdom by Dr Patrick Steptoe and Dr Robert Edwards. The first IVF baby, Louise Brown, was born in 1978.IVF was originally developed to treat infertility caused by blocked or damaged fallopian tubes but has since spread to use in treating a wide variety of fertility problems. The further development of ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), where a single sperm is injected into an egg, has helped many couples with male factor infertility.

IVF protocols are adapted to suit the needs of each patient.Generally patients may prepare for a cycle by taking medications to ensure that ovarian stimulation can occur at the correct time. Then the ovaries are stimulated by daily injections to produce multiple eggs (during this time blood tests and ultrasounds are used to monitor progress and determine the best time for egg collection. A "trigger" injection is administered to mature the follicle and eggs and these oocytes are retrieved using an ultrasound guided procedure around 36-38 hours later and a fresh sperm sample is collected at the same time.

Fertilisation takes place in the lab and 2-5 days later the fertilised embryo is transferred into the uterus by catheter. Further drug support is also given. Generally a pregnancy blood test is taken around 15 days after egg collection or ovulation. (read more)


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