about the website

IVF babies is a website dedicated to babies who were conceived via assisted reproductive technologies - mainly IVF and ICSI but also other technologies such as GIFT and IUI.

It's a celebration of the miracle of their conception and birth as well as an acknowledgment of the often long, hard road that their parents took to get there.

The site is maintained by Andy - mum to two boys - one naturally conceived after some trouble and the other an IVF (frozen embryo) baby.

Over the coming months we hope to develop this site to include resources and hot topics such as surviving playgroup and dealing with secondary infertility. If you have a suggestion for something you would like to see - then email us at ivfbabies@bigpond.com

In the meantime check out our online store for some nifty baby gear!!!

Updates to the site and proposed changes will be posted in the blog.

about the store

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Our store features designs that you will find nowhere else on the web - designs specifically for IVF babies and their families.

We have a mixture of everyday, holiday and humourous designs.

As well as our uique IVF store we have a range of non-IVF specifc designs that would make a great present for any baby and mother. We also have a special range of designs for twins and higher order multiples.

We are continually updating our store - to find out about new products, subscribe to the newsletter.

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